Meet The Band

Karl Bindemann

Trombone supremo, and one of our most experienced big band musicians. Karl spends his spare time jetting around the world advising Power companies how to generate more for less.

Ian Murray

Ian plays every instrument known to man, and a few others as well. As far as BBB is concerned, he is an integral part of the rhythm section on guitar. He hasn’t yet managed to find a big band part for the ukulele, but banjo is a possibility.

Elliot Longworth


Not only a very capable trumpet player, but also a GP

Alastair Fyfe


Alastair professes to being more at home with a Euphonium, but we are gradually weaning him off it, and onto trombone! 







Anne Brown

Yet another superb trumpeter, who adds some much needed class to the brass section.


Cameron Sutherland

One of the most talented musicians you will find within a wide radius of Biggar, Cameron is both band leader and first trumpet. Has an uncanny knack of making the band sound good, while also ensuring rehearsals are fun.


Anthony Bowers

Master of the American songbook, Anthony is rapidly building a reputation as one of the most accomplished band singers you will find in the UK



Mike Chad

Founder member of the band, keyboard player, and general facilitator.



Ewan on alto sax.

James Gordon

Bass player James is also the band secretary.

John Levine

Front line alto man, John is always up for a solo 


Phill Ragsdell

A critical role in any band is the drummer, and we have one of the best. An ex-RAF musician and vastly experienced, Phill is a calming influence in the rhythm section.


One of the youth team – Olly is an up-and-coming trumpeter, who helps to reduce the average age of the band.



Andrew Sharpe

Having spent the last thirty years attempting to master the trombone in other settings, Andrew is a recent convert to the big band sound.  Not content with learning to count again, he’s also started to learn violin – but he’s still struggling to find the big band parts!